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Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Fans - Favorite Authors?
In the reading choices thread, I saw there were several fellow fans of the mystery/suspense/thriller genre, so I thought it might be fun to trade our favorite authors.  Maybe some of us will find a new author to explore.

My ongoing favorites:

Jeffery Deaver, esp. the Lincoln Rhyme series

John Sandford, the Prey (Lucas Davenport) series

Kate Atkinson

Michael Crichton

Robert Crais

John Dunning

New authors of the genre I've discovered in the past year:

Jefferson Bass

Ted Dekker

Steig Larrson

Benjamin Black

Daniel Annechino

Authors of this genre that I used to read regularly but don't anymore:

James Patterson

Patricia Cornwell

Mary Higgins Clark

Robin Cook

Jonathan Kellerman

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by    Posted october 22, 2010
Thanks so much for breaking his books down for us, Meli! I'll make sure Sheila checks it out so your thoughts can help inform which one of his books to read.
by    Posted october 22, 2010
I think I might go for Black, Red, White... I've picked them up a few times in stores and wondered about them. Your guide to Dekker is really helpful, thanks Meli
by    Posted october 24, 2010
Wow, a lot of discussion on Ted Dekker! I better jump in! :-) Let's see, several people said they didn't find that he wrote very Christian-like stories (I'm paraphrasing, of course), and I have to say this really depends on the books by him that you read. Some have more Christian themes than others, but like someone else said, they are all free of sex and language. Where to start? Hmmm, one of my first books by him was Thr3e, and it's what got me hooked on him as a writer. However his Circle Trilogy is REALLY good, so that's a great place to start, too. I've never read his earliest books; they just didn't seem that interesting. Everyone hates Blink of an Eye it seems, and prefers Blink, but I actually really liked Blink of an Eye, so I could recommend it.. As for the Paradise trilogy, I loved Showdown, but I found Saint boring and never completed it. Therefore, never went onto the third book in the trilogy: Sinner. Haven't read his most recent thrillers, but they sound decent, so I might give them a shot later on. Oh, and I don't think anyone has mentioned Skin. Hmmm, this one kind of confused me. . .but in a good way? That makes no sense, lol, but it was good until the end which was just funky and thrown together. Still good. And, I think the last one to talk about for me right now is Obsessed. Don't really remember much about this one except it was good. Oh, I lied, one more to talk about! House. This one was VERY violent and graphic, and it was a mixture of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti as co-authors. A movie was made from the book and rated R. Haven't seen it yet, but I plan to. Thr3e was also made into a movie, btw. If I've repeated things from my previous post I apologize. :-) Hope that was something of a help??? :-)
by    Posted october 25, 2010
TheJJ411 Said:  Everyone hates Blink of an Eye it seems, and prefers Blink, but I actually really liked Blink of an Eye, so I could recommend that one as kind of a historical thriller as it slightly focuses on the Holocaust.

That was Obsessed and it was very funny in a lot of ways, which is great because it offset the extremely heavy WWII portion.

Blink of an Eye was the re-write of Blink and it's about an atheist hero helping a Muslim lady.  He can catch glimpses of the future to determine different outcomes based on certain actions.
by    Posted october 25, 2010
MeliWillis ~ Oooh, you're right! I made a boo-boo, lol. Thanks for noticing that! :-) Let me go edit that right away! ;-)
by    Posted october 26, 2010
Thanks for chiming in on the discussion, JJ, and thanks for catching the error, Meli! It's great having so many knowledgeable people in the community. :)
by    Posted october 27, 2010
Since so many of us have been talking about Dekker's writings, I finally created a badge for one of his series. Earn the Martyr's Song badge by reviewing all 3 books! Let me know if you want another one of his series turned into a badge. I picked this one because there are only 3 books, lol, and it was easy to create. :) However, I don't mind making more for the community.
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