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Must Read Cafe Libri Reviews!
This is a discussion thread for reviewers to list some of their favorite Cafe Libri Reviews. Let us know why it's a "must read review!"

People can also self-promote their own reviews too! It's easy to miss review gems on Lunch when so much content is constantly being published. So,use this thread as a way to fill everyone in without clogging up inboxes with too many emails. 

Note: Only advertise reviews that are posted in the Cafe Libri Reading Community in this thread. Thanks!

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by    Posted may 30, 2011
Lost in Shangri-La promises to be a hot read this summer, so I was happy to read this review on Lunch that helped me decide to read it.  Thanks, TStocksI!
by    Posted may 30, 2011
I recently finished Ann Patchett's new book, State of Wonder. One of Patchett's previous books, Bel Canto, is a favorite of many people I know, so I thought folks may be interested in reading a review of the book before it is published on June 7:
by    Posted june 02, 2011
Thanks for the recommendations, Sheri! Just read and rated them.

I recommend my review of The God of Small Things because of all the research I put into the review. I also thought very deeply about the rating it deserved. Overall, I put a lot of time into this review because it meant so much to me. I think members will feel my passion when reading my review.

I also recommend @ and his review of Superman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 1. He is a fantastic writer, and I enjoy practically everything he writes. He also provides a good list of pros and cons at the end of this review. 
by    Posted june 28, 2011
This review by @ is a worth-while read: It's about The Countess and the King: A Novel of the Countess of Dorchester and King James II a book by Susan Holloway Scott.
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