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Cafe Libri Community Guidelines
The following is a list of Community Guidelines that the founder and moderator of Cafe Libri ask all members to follow in order to remain a reviewer in our community.
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by    Posted september 08, 2010

1. Plagiarizing (copying another's writings or lists without giving them credit) is not tolerated. These types of reviews, quick tips, and lists will be removed from the community. If you want to share someone's writing, consider adding it as a topic rather than creating a review or list that reproduces their work. See Lunch's Terms of Service for more information about plagiarizing.

2. Be respectful when responding to reviews. Differences in opinions are acceptable and expected, but please remain considerate of the writer's feelings. If you feel your response may be too strong, consider writing your own review or quick tip to express your thoughts.

3. Be mindful of members' time constraints. Constant pestering to join communities, move/duplicate reviews, or read/rate reviews after a member has expressed no interest in said activities can be considered harassment. Listen to a member when she or he says "no thanks."

Violating any of these Community Guidelines are grounds for removal/banning from the Cafe Libri Community. If you have questions or concerns, send them to founder @Adrianna or post in the Questions and Comments Discussion Thread.

If you still have questions or concerns about what is and is not acceptable on Lunch, visit the What's Not Ok on Lunch Discussion Thread or send a private email to @devora.

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